Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The worst day of my life
I thought I married FOREVER!
I think most people do ... I mean why would you marry if you didn't TRULY think it was forever?!
I had NO idea he would walk away from me.
For the most part he hasn't walked away from the kids.
I say most part because his idea of parenting and my idea of it are far apart!
We currently have the kids week on week off.
He has football and life to tend to - which causes him to miss some of his time!
I hate to even say it out loud but
this DIVORCE MAYBE the best thing that has ever happened to me!
I miss my kids tremendously on my week off,
I have found me!
I have found a new me!
One that is living deeper, one that is remembering that NOTHING is promised to me!
If I want people in my life I need to make sure they KNOW!
And if I have someone in my life that isn't worthy ... well the goodbye will only make me stronger!
I said "I do" forever, it wasn't my choice!
I had to accept it and NOW I am HAPPY!
Today I feel like this new life is what I missing and is why my "I do" wasn't forever!
I am thankful for the new people in my life -
Thankful for the old friends that stood strong and helped me!
Thankful for the friends that came out of the wood works to support me!
Thankful for the turn of events in my life in the last year!
I thought I wouldn't make it ... but here I am better than ever!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Step up, step back introduce yourself my name is Kim ...  The rest of the squad (YEAH!)
Ha ha well I am not cheer leader ...
actually NEVER NOT once in my 37 years did I put on a cheerleader outfit.
(well maybe for a boyfriend or something ... but don't tell my mom)
Anyway I used to blog over at
SO much has changed in the last year that I decided I was going to start chapter 2 of my blogging life! If you are new here ... hold on I can ramble and be very scattered, if you are a old reader ... welcome back! Ive missed you ... all 4 of you! haha

Since my last post in September 2011 I have been divorced ... lost myself ... lost 70 lbs and found a mixture of a old me and a NEW better me!

This is the next chapter of my life!